Postpartum Care

Get A Checkupwithin 3-weeks after birth and no later than 12-weeks after birth.


Your health care needs continue after the delivery room. New moms are at risk for serious and sometimes life-threatening health concerns. Postpartum care is an ongoing process in the weeks that follow birth, not just a single appointment.

Meet with your doctor before birth so that you’ll know the warning signs should you need to get medical help after your baby is born.

Be mindful of your body’s needs. Giving birth is a lot to go through mentally and physically. Some key reminders are to not lift anything heavier than your baby for the first few weeks after birth, limit friend and family visits, and be gentle with yourself.

Your mood, appetite, and energy levels can be up and down as your body adjusts to no longer being pregnant. It is normal to have vaginal discharge, bleeding, soreness, some urine leakage, and even have contractions.