Pregnancy Medicaid

Due to the complexities of enrolling in Medicaid, you'll work with Maximus, a company that will assist you with choosing a health insurance plan. In Amarillo, there are three companies that service Medicaid for Pregnant Women: Amerigroup, First Care, and Superior.

Each will have the same type of medical coverage, but they will have different incentives (rewards).

For example, you might get different rewards for going to all your appointments, such as a free car seat or a gift card, depending on the company.

The most important thing is that, like with all insurance, not every clinic that takes emergency Medicaid for Pregnant Women takes it from all three companies.

It is important to first decide what clinic you want for your pregnancy care and then ask which of the three companies that clinic accepts. Some may take all three—Amerigroup, First Care, and Superior—or the clinic might only take one or two.

Make sure to choose a company soon after you sign up for Medicaid for Pregnant Women because your insurance helper, Maximus, only has a certain time limit before they will assign a company choice to you. 

Qualifying patientsMay enroll in emergency Medicaid for Pregnant Women which covers most costs for prenatal appointments, birth, and a post-birth/postpartum appointment.

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Who Takes My Application for Medicaid?

How does it work?
Texas Health and Human Services Logo featuring a white star on red circle inside a half blue and half white laurel wreath surrounded by a gold circle
Texas Health and Human Services is the agency within Texas government that receives your application and determines if you qualify for pregnancy Medicaid.

Learn more about the types of Medicaid the State offers.

Acceptable Documentation

You do NOT need a photo ID to receive Medicaid benefits or have your application approved.

You will be asked, however, to submit appropriate documentation that backs up the selections you make in your application. The Sources of Proof list will help you know what kinds of proof the state will accept.

Please note that there are sections that may not apply to you. For example, if you are not married, not a veteran, and not disabled, you will not need to provide any proof for any of those sections.

Sources of Proof

Get Help Applying for Medicaid

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A Medicaid Navigator is someone specifically trained to help people apply for Medicaid and submit it for processing.

A Medicaid Navigator can answer questions, help you fill out your application and submit it to Health and Human Services for processing.

Panhandle Community Services offers free assistance with Medicaid Navigators. In addition, they offer a variety of other services such as housing, utility, and family development (for financial planning) program assistance.

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What to Expect After You've Been Approved

Maximus – your personal shopper — is here to help

After your application is approved by Health and Human Services, Maximus will help you choose one of the companies the government hires to be your insurance company. For people that want to see a doctor in Amarillo, you will choose from Superior, Amerigroup, or FirstCare.

Maximus is like your personal shopper - they do not take your application or give you insurance, they just help you pick the right plan for you once you are approved.

If you don’t tell Maximus which plan you want, they will pick one for you. Sometimes they plan they choose will send you to a doctor in another town. It is very important for you to work with them to choose the right plan for you!

Selecting the Right Plan for You

Read the details to know your options

Not all doctors or clinics take all the companies that provide pregnancy Medicaid. If you know what doctor you want to see, ask them which companies they take for pregnancy Medicaid. For example, your doctor may only take 2 or 3 of many options. Additionally, Molina is a common company used for those in rural areas of the Texas Panhandle, but it is not accepted by many clinics in Amarillo.

Make sure the company you pick works with the clinic you want.

After you have the list of companies your chosen doctor takes, take a look at what additional benefits each company provides. The medical coverage provided by each company is similar, but the extra “goodies” available (such as a car seat or other baby items) will change based on the company you pick. Once you have chosen/are assigned a company and a doctor, it is very difficult to change.

Healthcare After Birth

Emergency Medicaid health coverage ends60 Days After Birth
Some clinics will provide care for a sliding scale fee based on your income, which will reduce the cost of your yearly well woman exams.

You can apply for the Texas Health Women's program, which may be able to cover most of your costs for birth control and well woman exams.

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